Registration 2016-2017

Registration Update (Transition to Semester 2):

As we close semester 1 and start a new semester, we wanted to provide you with some updated information regarding registration procedures. There will be no registrations for new students starting Monday, 12/19/16.  Instead, all new registrations for semester 2 will start on Monday, 1/9/17.  All registrations will be by appointment only.   Student must reside in the state of Florida prior to registration.

Withdrawal grades and transcripts must be provided in order to place your student correctly.  For additional information, see registration information below.  

Registration Paperwork:

Welcome to Wiregrass Ranch High School! Please complete the entire packet and be sure to bring in all required documents with you when you come in. If you have any questions regarding registration, please call 813-346-6034. We encourage you to print and fill out as much of the following packet as possible in order to speed up the registration process. These documents can be provided if you’re unable to bring them with you, but you absolutely must have the required documentation as mentioned above.

DSBPC – Back to School Newcomer Guide

Registration Information:

Once you leave your packet complete, it will need to be reviewed by the registrar. You may drop it off at our school in Student Services during normal business hours. If you would prefer to make an appointment, call our registrar at 813-346-6009. Please note that appointments are not required.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany the student for registration and must remain present until registration meeting is complete.

Rules and Policies:

We highly suggest you review the following rules and policies of WRHS with your child.

2016 – 2017 Academy and Program Applications:

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