End of Year Checkout will be May 26 – 29 following the schedule below:

Seniors (Class of 2020) – May 26

Juniors (Class of 2021) – May 27

Sophomores (Class of 2022) – May 28

Freshmen (Class of 2023) – May 29

During this day, you will be able to clean out your student locker and/or your PE locker (if you have one) and then proceed through the drive-through return/distribution stations for textbooks, media books, computers or iPads w/ chargers, yearbooks (if ordered), graduation medallions and cords (Seniors only), Music department sheet music, instruments, and uniforms, and Athletic equipment and uniforms. When you arrive on campus, you must enter through the front entrance (the back gate will be closed) and stop at the medical check. Once you have been cleared, you will be handed a map with directions for the entire process. If you have to clean out a locker, only one person per family will be allowed in the building and you must be wearing a mask or mouth/nose covering. I would recommend that you bring a bag or two to complete this task. CDC guidelines will be followed and the medical self-check is included below.

Medical Self-Screener

Please click on the appropriate grade level link below to schedule your time. If you have any issues with the form, please email Mrs. White at rwhite@pasco.k12.fl.us as soon as possible.

Class of 2020 – https://forms.gle/rQkgUerrvJXkjzXo6

Class of 2021 – https://forms.gle/xCDC9DZXe4vpGkkp6

Class of 2022 – https://forms.gle/XZ5wxYzenSWMhGLJA

Class of 2023 – https://forms.gle/97vaqRmGgZXRxjuM8