Starting semester 2 the consequences for being tardy will be more progressive.  Tardy counts will accumulate for all classes throughout the entire quarter. The goal for this is to increase academic time and decrease interruptions to the start of class for teachers and students. Students have 5 minutes to get to class, if they are traveling from the back of the portables to the front of the school, they are released a minute early to help with the distance they must travel and allow them to be on time.

New progression of consequeces, tardy counts wll reset each quarter.

3 Tardies, lunch detention will be assigned

6 Tardies, Afterschool Detention will be assigned

9 Tardies is a referral and 3-hour Saturday Detention

12 Tardies will give a day of ISS

Every 5 Tardies after 12 will be another day of ISS