2018-2019 School Year

Here you will find the courses that require specific supplies for the school year beginning August 2018-2109. Please read and obtain the materials as suggested. The supplies are specific to the courses or subject area as identified. If a supply list is not posted in this location, please follow the requirement per your teacher’s course syllabus at the beginning of the new school year. (See supply lists at bottom of page)
Summer Assignments
Here you will find the courses that require specific work to be completed over the summer and prior to class beginning in August 2018. Please read and complete as instructed. These assignments are specific to the courses identified. Not all courses require summer work to be completed. 

Summer Assignments

Art Department

✓ Assignment 2018 AP Drawing & AP 2D Art Studio Summer Assignment (See supply list below)

Math Department 

AP Calculus

✓ Letter: Summer Assignment 2018-2019
✓ Assignment: Are You Ready for Calculus 2018-2019
✓ Flash Cards Assignments

Flash Cards Assignment 1: Calculus Flash Cards 2018-2019 (AB _ BC)
Flash Cards Assignment 2: Calculus Flash Cards 2018-2019 (BC only)

AP Statistics

✓ Assignment: AP Stat Summer Assignment 18 -19

Science Department

AP Seminar (with Mr. Anglin)

✓ Assignment AP Seminar Summer Assignment

AP Environmental Science

✓ Assignment AP Environmental Science Summer Assignment

AP Chemistry

✓ Assignment AP Cuviello 2018_2019 Summer

AP Biology

✓ Assignment AP Summer Biology Assignment

Social Studies Department

AP Psychology

✓ Assignment AP Psychology Summer Assignment

AP Human Geography

✓ Assignment AP HuG Summer Assignment 2018

English Department

AP Literature

✓ Assignment AP Lit Summer Assignment 18_19

School/Classroom Supplies 2018-2019

Math Department

⦿ Math Department Supply List 2018-2019

Art Department

⦿ Art Department Art Supplies 2018-2019