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FSA Testing-ELA Writing Grade 9

Grade 9 Parents  ~ Notices to students in grade 9 will be distributed on Monday 2/13/17 to all students taking the FSA ELA Writing Grade 9. Please check the letter given to your child to be sure that you are aware of the date, time and location as these exams are part of your child’s graduation requirements. Testing will begin February 27th. In addition, a FSA Writing Grade 9 letter was placed in the school’s website. If there are any questions, please call or email Diamela Vergne.

School Choice Information-Frozen Schools

The Pasco County Schools school choice open enrollment (application) period is underway and we’ve received several questions related to “Frozen” schools and special programs.  If you have questions about school choice, please direct them to the district’s Educational Options office,  You also may go to and click on the school choice banner for more information.  Please do not contact principals by phone or on social media; they don’t make decisions about school choice applicants’ acceptance. 

The school district reviews each application and takes into consideration available seating, student education plans, and special programs.  A school’s “frozen” status does not prevent families form submitting school choice requests for those schools.  We’ve seen some misleading information on social media about this, and need to set the record straight.  If a student has an individual education plan or an education plan that calls for certain accommodations, like self-contained gifted, the student will receive those accommodations, but there is no guarantee that the services will be provided at the student’s preferred school.  If space is not available, the student could be assigned to another school with that program.  While district transportation is not provided for regular school choice students, all eligible students with the above-described education plans are provided with school district transportation.


The drop due date for semester 2 courses is Friday, February 17th.  Per our drop/add procedures, a student may request to drop a semester course and add a semester course within five (5) school days after third quarter progress reports are issued.   Any questions, please see your school counselor prior to the deadline.

Princeton Review Feb. 4th

Wiregrass Ranch High School PTSA is offering the Princeton Review practice SAT strategy session and practice test this Saturday, February 4th from 10:30 am until 5:30 pm in the Cafeteria.  Lunch will be included.  The fee for the entire day is $15.00 if pre-paid by February 3rd, and $20.00 at the door.  This is a great way to help prepare for the real SAT.  Forms are located on the PTSA website and in Student Services.

1st Period Tardies and Student Drop off

TARDIES; 1st period begins at 7:25 am and students are to be in class, and ready for instruction, at that time.

MORNING DROP OFF;  Please drive to the end of the lot closest to the gym before allowing students out of your car.  We have cars stopping at various points within the parking lot that then causes the back up of cars and is a safety concern. EXCEPTION; Band students with large instruments drop off at band room.

 We appreciate your cooperation so that all of our students can safely arrive to class on time each morning ready to learn

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