Class of 2020 

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General Information

  • Senior Timeline updated regularly throughout the school year. Please download for specific dates & detailed information.
  • District Website Graduation Requirements

Self Enroll in the Class of 2020 Canvas Course

CANVAS COURSE: Enroll in Class 2020 Canvas Course: Please make sure you are logged into myPascoConnect and enrolled in your grade level course! Throughout the year, class sponsors, guidance and administration will communicate important grade level information that will be important to you. This course has enabled open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in this course. 

TWITTER ACCOUNT WRHS 2020@wrhs_2020 

Class of 2020 Administrative Contacts

  • Class Assistant Principal:
  • Class Counselor:
  • College/Career Specialist: Mrs. Jennifer Batchelor
  • Class Sponsor: Mrs. Berry
  • Class Sponsor: Mr. Anglin

Junior Information:

 Wiregrass Ranch High School College & Career Planning – College Planning Timeline

  • Parents and students are encouraged to make an appointment with your counselor to map out the next 16 months.  Second semester will go by quickly and Senior Year will be here before you know it.  Call or email to set up your appointment today!
  • Post-secondary plans includes all levels of training, from certificates to university degrees.  Selecting the right school is important.  Not everyone will plan on going to a university, but everyone should be thinking ahead.
  • Students who are university bound should be signing up for the SAT and ACT.  Sign-up now to take these important college entrance exams.   Registration for the ACT can be completed at and for the SAT at
  • 11th grade counselor will be visiting all Junior English classes to present registration information.
  • Make sure you attend Curriculum Fair.  There will be lots of interesting presentations planned to help you with your Senior Year plans.

Junior To-Do List


  • Check your status towards meeting graduation, Bright Futures, and state university admission requirements on (this activity will be done in class).
  • Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss your academic status and college options that fit best.
  • Get organized with a calendar or spreadsheet to write down important test dates and application deadlines. Create folders for each school you are interested in and file any information you may receive.
  • Attend college admission representative presentations.
  • Narrow your list of potential schools and contact them for an information packet.
  • Start your scholarship and financial aid search. Set up or update your profiles on scholarship search websites so you can receive personalized scholarship information.
  • Find out Open House dates and times for the colleges and career schools you are considering.
  • If you need community service hours select a project and get the necessary approval.
  • Register for SAT/ACT. Take the earliest test available, which will allow you time to retake. Look into test preparation strategies and resources.
  • Attend at least one college fair. Dress up a bit (no jeans or shorts) and bring a tote bag to collect brochures and other handouts.


  • Take the SAT and/or ACT
  • Research scholarship and financial aid directories and begin the application process.
  • Create a resume. If portfolios, audition tapes, or essays are required for college or scholarship applications, start working on those now.
  • Plan visits to college and university campuses. Make appointments, especially if visiting during the summer.
  • Consider a volunteer job in your desired field of study. This can add a boost to your college applications.
  • Keep your college search organized! Start a file box with at least two sections: one for information you receive from colleges and another for materials you will be sending out to them, such as reference letters, essays, and test scores.

Sophomore To-Do List

  • Schedule a meeting with your guidance counselor.
  • Go to to use the site’s ePEP & Evaluations, which can help you plan and monitor your progress toward future goals.
  • If you plan to attend college, talk to your counselor about taking Honors classes, AP classes, or Dual Enrollment classes.
  • Start smart with your grades. High school can be overwhelming at first, but it’s much easier to maintain a good GPA than it is to pull one up from the trenches.
  • If you have trouble finding a summer job, spend time volunteering or working on a special project that will enhance your resume.

College Planning Timeline – Sophomores