Dual Enrollment Information


The Fall and Summer 2023 Online Registration Worksheet is now available on the Pasco DE Website with important upcoming dates and deadlines for Summer Registration.

  • Completion of the Student Orientation online is also REQUIRED for all DE students. Students who have not completed this course will not be able to register for Fall and Summer courses. Visit https://admissions.phsc.edu/start/high-school/dual-enroll/faq to access directions on how to complete the orientation.
  • Please note that students who are taking an online course for the first time must complete the online readiness course through Canvas. Completion of the PHSC online readiness course is required prior to registering in any online dual enrollment courses.  We highly encourage all students to access and complete the online readiness course now.
  • Fall and Summer 2023 Dynamic Form is now available and linked here.

The Summer Dynamics Form to register with PHSC is now available. Click here to get started. 

Please click here for current Pasco County Schools’ dual enrollment information, including upcoming deadlines and textbook pick/drop off.

If you need additional assistance filing out the online request process, please use these links:


Click here for drop off and pick up dates, times and locations. Please review this guidance document prior to pick-up. 


PHSC Testing Services will administer virtual proctoring of common placement tests.  Students may schedule an exam at https://testing.phsc.edu/schedule-exam/exam. Click here for FAQs.


PHSC has virtual drop-in advising available.  As your dual enrollment students are registering for classes if they have questions or difficulties it would be most efficient if they used the virtual advising system.  If the advisor working with the student’s needs they can always reach out to the academic advisor assigned to the student’s high school.

Students will access the system from a link at the top of the PHSC home page.  Please see below: “Virtual Drop-In Advising Appointment”.  The student will see this PHSC Virtual Walk-In Advising Lobby Slide once they’ve logged in using the Zoom link (on the right-hand side of the page they are taken to).


Drop/Add PHSC Courses

Classes can only be added up until the first class meets and must be dropped only during the period listed on the PHSC website.  Adding and dropping courses, other than courses taken at the high school, is done through WISE.