Dual Enrollment Information

Dual Enrollment Registration Updates – Summer 2022

The   Summer 2022 Online Registration Worksheet is now available on our Pasco DE webpage with important upcoming dates and deadlines for Summer Registration.

  • Completion of the Student Orientation online is also REQUIRED for all DE students. Students who have not completed this course will not be able to register for Summer courses. Visit https://admissions.phsc.edu/start/high-school/dual-enroll/faq to access directions on how to complete the orientation.
  • Important Note: Course offerings for Summer will be available on March 25th and the dynamic form will be active on March 28th.

Contact your grade level School Counselor with any questions.

Dual Enrollment Registration Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Dual Enrollment Online Registration & Course Request Worksheet

Dear Students and Parent/Guardian:

Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC) utilizes an online Dual Enrollment (DE) application/registration process. This process is now open to all eligible students.

The Fall process is as follows:

  1. New DE students complete an online application at https://100891engagecms.campusnexus.cloud/custom-portal/user-profile/login?ReturnUrl=https%3a%2f%2f100891engagecms.campusnexus.cloud%2f

The deadline for the application is August 8, 2022.

  1. Eligible students complete this DE Course Request Planning Worksheet (bottom) and meet with their High School Counselor by May 16, 2022. Students and parents must log-in to digitally sign the Terms and Conditions online and to enter the courses from their Course Request Planning Worksheet. Access to the Terms and Conditions and the Online Dual Enrollment Request Form is available via the PHSC website: https://admissions.phsc.edu/start/high-school/dual-enroll/charter-public.
  • Dual Enrollment courses offered on a student’s high school campus must be taken at the high school and not on the PHSC campus.
  • Pasco eSchool is offering CGS 1100, GEB 1011, GEB 2112, SPC 2608, SPN 1120, and SPN 1121 in the Fall. Students who are interested in taking one or more of these courses should plan to take the course through eSchool UNLESS their high school offers the course on campus. 
  1. High School Counselors approve or deny the requests May 27, 2022.
  2. Students will receive email notification from a PHSC Academic Advisor of approved/denied DE courses by June 10, 2022. This email will be sent to each student’s PHSC email address.
  3. Students will register through their student portal and WISE, on the following the dates and times below, for approved courses.


The deadlines indicated above must be met in order to access online registration during the dates and times outlined below. Students who do not meet deadlines may experience a delay in the registration process beyond the initial registration window.

*9th, 10th, and 11th graders with 45+ hours may register beginning May 16th @ 8AM. These students should meet with counselors as soon as possible to begin the registration process. 

Click below for all the information:

Fall 2022 Dual Enrollment Online Registration Worksheet

Spring Dual Enrollment textbook returns and Summer Dual Enrollment textbook pick-up dates

Spring Dual Enrollment textbook returns and Summer Dual Enrollment textbook pick-up dates have been set. Please visit the website to view the  textbook information. Here is the link to pre-order books  THIS FORM. The pre-order machform will be available beginning April 27th.

Testing Update:

PHSC Testing Services will administer virtual proctoring of common placement tests.  Students may schedule an exam at https://testing.phsc.edu/schedule-exam/exam. Click here for FAQs.

Click below for directions on completing the online registration process:

Below is a YouTube video we provide students regarding registering. For DE students, only courses they have been approved for, and have seats available, will show as options for them to register.



For the Spring 2021 Term, only students new to Dual Enrollment will have to take the PERT as one of their requirements.  See below for appointments.

PHSC has shared that in-person testing has now been expanded until their remote testing service is launched. Students may register to take the PERT on any campus at https://www2.registerblast.com/phsc/Exam/List.


PHSC has virtual drop-in advising available.  As your dual enrollment students are registering for classes if they have questions or difficulties it would be most efficient if they used the virtual advising system.  If the advisor working with the student’s needs they can always reach out to the academic advisor assigned to the student’s high school.

Students will access the system from a link at the top of the PHSC home page.  Please see below: “Virtual Drop-In Advising Appointment”.  The student will see this PHSC Virtual Walk-In Advising Lobby Slide once they’ve logged in using the Zoom link (on the right-hand side of the page they are taken to).