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Shannon Cordero –
9th grade counselor


Cathy Billington –
10th grade counselor


Evan Willis –
11th grade counselor


Allison Kanewa –
12th grade counselor


Whitney Willis-
11th,12th grade Off Track & Recovery
Kris Hensley
College & Career Specialist

Welcome to Student Services

Course Card Planning Sheet

Tanya Hilton-Data Entry, Liz DeSimone-Student Services, Nurse Jessica Adey, Carmen Baez-ESE Secretary, Kim Russell-Student Services

Academic Waiver Placement 2024-2025

Academic Placement Waiver 2024-2025

Office of Student Services and Student Counselors

Student Counselors & Office of Student Services Directory 

Our staff provides counseling services to students. We are here to enroll students in school, place them in appropriate classes, and help them meet their academic goals. Common reasons to schedule an appointment are because: a student is behind in grade-level credits, a student is creating his or her high school mapping, or graduation planning. We have other resources to help our students and families. We can provide sources for tutoring, crisis intervention, parenting, abuse, and mental health counseling/therapy, just to name a few. Our school is also staffed with a Social Worker and School Psychologist who may be able to help with further services.

Change of Address

Planning to move? Proof of residency is required for all students that have moved to a new address. Pasco County School District requires 3 proofs of residency. Proof of residency documents are listed below.  No other proof of residency will be accepted.

  1. Please provide evidence of owned or leased residence: Copy of deed or property tax assessment records, current lease or rental agreement or notarized letter from the landlord.
  2. Please provide one of these: Copy of a current utility (electric/water) bill or initial order for service
  3. Please provide one of these: Copy of one of the following current documents supporting stated address: Auto registration, Florida Driver’s License, Florida ID card or voter registration.

Peer Counseling Course Application 23-24

In order to be considered for Peer Counseling next year, you must complete this application and be accepted.


WRHS Student’s, if you have any questions as you look for courses for the 2023-2024 School Year, reach out to your school counselors through the link on the left of this page.

Pasco High School County Course Catalog

Journalism program application 23-24 TBA
Click here to view the AP flyer with Links to the presentations TBA
Curious about Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment? Click Here: AP DE Showcase Presentation to learn more. TBA

Parent Conference Requests

Before scheduling a conference, please email the teacher with your concerns or leave a message for the teacher through our front office at 813-346-6000.  Your message will be forwarded to the teacher.  Once you’ve tried to resolve the issue by email or phone and still would like to meet to discuss your concerns, please contact Student Services at 813-346-6011 to schedule a conference.  

Student Counselor Appointment Requests

Parents, please email the school counselor with your questions or concerns.

Adult Education

WRHS Adult Education Contact: Liz Desimone at

Bus / Transportation

District Website: Transportation Information
WRHS School Contact: Liz Desimone at

Bus garage 813.774.2500 or 813.774.0450