If you love to act or sing; work with makeup, costumes, paint, props, lights, or sound; organize, solve problems, create, work with other amazing and talented people, and make great things happen… explore the opportunities of theatre!


Classes                    Theatre 1,  2, 3 Honors, and 4 Honors


Drama club           straight plays and musicals, one production per semester


International Thespian Society                district and state festivals with theatre competitions, workshops, and special events


Questions? Contact Mr. Murray at jmurray@pasco.k12.fl.us





Important Theatre Dates 2020-21


Oct 16-17            One-Act festival (alternate date Oct 24)


Oct 30-31            Fall production


Nov 14                IE Festival (alternate date Nov 21)


Mar 12-13           Spring production


March 17-20     State Thespian Festival