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Wiregrass Ranch High School Wrestling


Girls Tryouts – October 30, 2023

Boys Tryouts – November 9, 2023

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General Information

Wiregrass Ranch is the largest of all of the Pasco County high schools. It is located on the border of New Tampa. It has a student body of approximately 2,200 students.
Wiregrass Ranch falls into the Sunshine Athletic Conference (SAC), the Eastern Division. In the State Championship series, Wiregrass is in district six. We are the only Pasco County school in this district. Other schools in district six include Palm Harbor University, East Lake, Sickles, Plant, George Steinbrenner, Alonso, and Wharton.

The sport of wrestling is the most all-inclusive in consideration of all of high school sports. There is no special equipment needed. Both boys and girls can compete. And any size, shape, or weight can participate. And they wrestle against competitors their own size. There is no experience necessary to join the wrestling team. All that is needed is a positive attitude and a warrior spirit.

The team does have a “pre-season” conditioning period. That period of conditioning usually starts a few months before the official start of the regular season. The head coach will generally make announcements throughout the school when the conditioning will begin.
Prior to ANY workouts can begin for any athlete there are several forms the MUST be completed by each student-athlete, their parents, and medical provider. The following forms MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE ANY TRAINING CAN BEGIN:
1) FHSAA Form EL2 (revised 03/16)
2) FHSAA Form EL3 (revised 04/20)
3) Pasco County “Athletic Participation Form” (this form must be notarized)
4) Pasco County Athletics “Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to the Coronavirus/COVID-19”

There are two fees each athlete is required to pay.
The first fee is the “Athletic Fee” that can be paid directly to the school via RYCOR and the student’s online account. The athlete schedule of fees is as follows: 1st sport: $70; 2nd sport: $40 .
The second fee is the wrestling team fee of $150. The wrestling team fee supports the team by paying entry fees, transportation costs, and other related expenses. This payment can be made is payments. The first payment is due at the athlete’s first practice. The 2nd payment is due at the athlete’s first competition.

All uniforms are issued by WRHS. Each athlete will sign for all issued uniform items prior to the receipt of said items. All items are expected to be returned at the end of the season. Any items not returned will be charged to the student’s account. Any student not in good standing at the end of the season will not be eligible for any end of season awards.

Each wrestler will receive a Wiregrass Ranch Wrestler’s Handbook. The Wrestler’s Handbook outlines the wrestling team’s policies and procedures as well as the expectations of each wrestler including the Code of Conduct. Each wrestler and parent are expected to review the policies and should be familiar with the Code of Conduct. The forms at the end of the booklet should be completed and returned acknowledging their understanding of the policies. A copy of the team handbook can be located on this page.

Wrestling practice will occur after school from 2:45 to 5:15. Practice will begin with some conditioning exercises and then start wrestling drills.
Wrestling competitions usually occur on Fridays and Saturdays. There are some occasions when they occur during the middle of the week, they are rare.
There are some occasions the team will travel and require overnight accommodations. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to accompany the team to every competition.

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