District Sponsored Clubs

Non-District Student Groups

District sponsored clubs are those clubs that are authorized school organizations for groups, clubs, and organizations that are educational in nature, and which otherwise meet the conditions set forth in School Board Policy 5840. Included in this group is student government and class sponsor clubs (e.g. Class of 2025) and pure service clubs.


Non-District Student Groups are student groups, clubs and organizations, which are non-district sponsored and non-authorized school organizations that are not directly related to education, but which are related to matters that are social, political, ideological or otherwise related to personal interest, and which otherwise meet the conditions set forth in School Board policy 5730.

District Sponsored Club
ASL Club/Honors Society
Bulls Nation (Spirit Club)
International Thespian Society Troupe 7142
International Thespian Society
Key Club
National English Honor Society
National Honor Society
Rho Kappa
Science National Honor Society
Spanish National Honor Society
Speech & Debate
Student Government
Teen Court
Mu Alpha Theta
Science Research Club


Non-District Sponsored Student Group
Amnest International
Asian Association and Allies
Asian Cultural Union
Best Buddies
Book Club
Class of 2026
Family Career and Community Leaders of America
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
First Priority
Gal Gatherings
Gaming Club
Gay Straight Alliance
Movie Club
Puzzle Club
Red Cross Club
Science Olympiad
Society of Empowered Women
Student Council
Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT)
Team Trivia
Teen Supporting 1st Responders and Veterans
Teens Battling Human Trafficking
WRHS Bulls on Parade Improv Troupe
WRHS Caribsa
WRHS Drama Club
WRHS United Way