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Dress for Success

24 WRHS Dress and Appearance Policy Overview

Dress Code Requirements Details
Coverage ·       Opaque clothing covering front, back, sides, entire chest, genital area, and buttocks

·       Shirts must have sleeves or straps and extend to the waistband of pants/shorts/skirts/or other bottoms

·       No visible undergarments, including bra straps and underwear waistbands

Footwear ·       Shoes or sandals with protective soles are required.

·       Socks (when worn alone) and slippers are not allowed.

Classroom Suitability Clothing must be appropriate for all classroom activities
Specialized Attire Required for some courses (e.g., sports uniforms, safety gear)
Prohibited Clothing/Items ·       Clothing exposing underwear, body parts, or skin in an indecent manner

·       Clothing causing substantial disruption or safety concerns

·       Clothing depicting profanity, drugs, alcohol, violence, vulgarity, or sexually explicit images

·       Gang-related or antisocial group affiliation clothing

·       Wallet chains, spiked jewelry, dog collars

·       Slippers, pajamas, or costumes (unless approved for special events)

·       Hats, bandanas, or head coverings (unless preapproved for medical, religious, or special activities)

Consequences for Violations ·       First Offense: Conference with student; parent/guardian notification; change of clothing

·       Second Offense: Lunch detention; Ineligibility for extracurricular activities for up to five (5) days, if applicable; parent/guardian meeting; change of clothing

·       Third Offense: After-school detention; ineligibility for extracurricular activities for up to thirty (30) days, if applicable; parent/guardian notification; change of clothing

·       Further Offenses: Follow discipline matrix

Regulations on Concealing Identity ·       Identities must always be recognizable.

·       No coverings that conceal the face including hoods from sweatshirts or jackets commonly referred to as “hoodies”.

·       Health-related face coverings are permitted.

·       Principals may modify rules during inclement weather for student safety, safety, or welfare.

Enforcement Students must comply with staff directives. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary action according to district policy.
Contact Information Contact school administration for details or questions about the dress code policy.